Monday, May 9, 2011

Just do it !

Paint a piece of furniture, sew a slipcover, create something beautiful, start a blog. Did I just say that? Well here goes.......... Stay tuned more to come. I am still learning how to do this blog thing. Next need to know thing is load pictures of some projects.  In the meantime I need to thank all the creative women out there in blog land who have inspired and challenged me.  It, being my desire to write about my little "projects", started with my friend and co-worker Amy.  She is creative and smart, loves picking for things that are rusty and discarded and making them loved again. Amy sent me a link to Miss Mustard Seed and I was hooked; spent the next few hours going from blog to blog.  If you are reading this then you know what I mean.  I look forward to sharing ideas and encouragement!

1 comment:

  1. Well dear woman you are well on your way !
    Love the first posts,
    the embroidered seat cover was such a pretty surprise
    and if you lived close by I would be purchasing the wonderful shelf from you.
    Thank you for popping in to my world and leaving the sweet comment so I could discover yours !