Friday, May 27, 2011

Just a little something!

I know I promised a finished product (my grandmother's china cabinet transformed), and it is finished. However I need help to move it either to my space at the Corner Store or into my house to stage it. By the way, I really love it. So it will be coming up soon. In the meantime i finished this little toy box.  I think it is a cute little boy blue. I also found some really cool junk at a barn sale and my local thrift store.  Looks like Memorial Day weekend will be a working weekend for me. Although it is a good kind of work when you love what you are doing.  I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday and a special thank you to those who have served our country and especially to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.  God Bless you.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vanity, vanity all is vanity

I know I promised a look at the china cabinet in it's new life, but I hit a few speed bumps.  Coming soon. In the meantime finished a vanity and matching seat in Annie Sloan Chalk paint. Here it is in it's awful Formica topped before and the transformmed after. What do you think?

Give away!

Head over to Southern Hospitality for the great Silhouette give away, I did!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blog crisis solved

Thanks Amy, you are the bomb!

My Space at The Corner Store Antiques and more

thought I would share pictures of my "stuff" in the best little antique store in the universe, no kidding! I hope you enjoy these as much as I have enjoyed collecting, painting, sewing and arranging.  It is a work in progress ever changing. Kudos to Karen, Amy and CJ for the help and support to get started in this business . I've found a new passion.

Friday, May 13, 2011

a preview......tease

There is a project I'm working on that is close to my heart.  This old girl was in my Grandmother's dinning room when I was a child ( which was a long time ago) until she passed away at 82. She and my Grandfather were married over 60 years, but I didn't know when the cabinet was purchased.  I received the cabinet and used it in a guest room to display different collections.  My daughter used it for quite a few years until she recently gave it back to me.  I don't have room for it and it really isn't that valuable except for the memories. I had an idea to give it new life.  Here is a peek at the cabinet in my garage before the transformation started. I should have it finished Monday or Tuesday.  Stay tuned for it's new look!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My first project with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint hereafter known as (ASCP)

ugly table, help me!

.......and it won't be the last.  In fact it's the beginning of a time line before ASCP and after ASCP.  I have been saving this ugly little table until I got my paint brust in some ASCP. It was so shinny that the flash bounced off the top and the front was laminate, ugg. Otherwise it was a solid wood very sturdy piece and I loved the harlequin pattern on the top and the detail on the legs.  I painted it Chateau grey which is more of a green.  No sanding first, honest. Then I glazed it with a cream and distressed it.  What do you think ? Tres Francais, n'est pas? I have added it to my space at the Corner Store Antiques and more in Little Mountain,SC.  Check us out on facebook.  I will post more pictures of my space there. Thanks for reading and bye for now.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So many projects, so little time

Yesterday was a productive day. I started a blog, goaded Amy into finally doing hers (now I'm irritated because her's is better than mine), started a slipcover, primed a china cabinet,sorted through my yard sale finds from Saturday and finished this pretty shelf. Here she is in all her pinkness. Sorry I forgot to take a before, but she was just drab and brown. She looks like a princess now and is going to my space at The Corner Store Antiques and More.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Just do it !

Paint a piece of furniture, sew a slipcover, create something beautiful, start a blog. Did I just say that? Well here goes.......... Stay tuned more to come. I am still learning how to do this blog thing. Next need to know thing is load pictures of some projects.  In the meantime I need to thank all the creative women out there in blog land who have inspired and challenged me.  It, being my desire to write about my little "projects", started with my friend and co-worker Amy.  She is creative and smart, loves picking for things that are rusty and discarded and making them loved again. Amy sent me a link to Miss Mustard Seed and I was hooked; spent the next few hours going from blog to blog.  If you are reading this then you know what I mean.  I look forward to sharing ideas and encouragement!